We are your commercial specialists.

As Reliant does not service domestic premises we are able to focus on our commercial customers by avoiding the annual summer surge of domestic work which ties up our competitors resources. Our commercial focus allows us to provide our customers with a standard of service availability they can depend on, we will be there when you need us. Combine this with the expertise gained in over 25 years of providing quality service to businesses  and you can have confidence that all of your pest control needs will be met with services tailored to your industry.

The Reliant difference, why choose us?

  • Fully Insured both public liability and professional indemnity
  • No long term contracts
  • No set up fees
  • No bait station lease
  • Free call back
  • Free quotes
  • Fully licensed by Human Services Vicoria
  • AQIS and HACCP compatible
  • Reliable and safe

Environmentally Aware

As an environmentally aware company, Reliant's approach is never to apply pesticides with a “kill everything” attitude.  Many of the animals present are not pests and often have beneficial effects. Whenever and however possible treatments are carried out with the minimum application of pesticides. Even though the preparations used are low toxicity and biodegradable their effects may be unpredictable over the long term. Our minimal application approach means we need to work harder to control pests but also reduces pesticide costs and wont leave future generations with the burden of over application.